Smartclip : Everywhere Spot

While working as the Assoc. Creative Director at Adconion Media Group I served as post-production/FX director for this fun 60 second spot promoting Smartclip, one of our sub-brands. On set I managed the placement of tracking markers, timing, and I'm even the guy pushing the bus-driver into place. In post I handled all of the screen replacements, the 3D, the motion graphics, the camera tracking and stabilization, retiming, color grading, sound editing, voice actor casting, and I also wrote the script. This video will be translated/localized for 13 markets and is currently airing on French television.

This video will give you a glimpse into the post-production work that went into creating this spot. I also coded the Lexus ad you see throughout and animated the car in Lightwave 3D.

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