Oliver’s Updraft Adventure

For the 20th Anniversary release of "Oliver and Company" Disney wanted to created a fun game for younger kids. Based on a charming sequence in the movie I came up with and created "Oliver's Updraft Adventure", a game that is still popular on Disney's site today.

(Click here or any image to play Oliver’s Updraft Adventure at Disney.com)

This simple but addictive game was created in Flash using AS3 and a custom physics engine I wrote for the project.

The introduction to the game is an actual clip from the movie which seamlessly transitions into the first level.

The game elements are a combination of imagery screen-captured and manipulated from the film itself, and original illustrations that I created, including the Oliver character sprite.

The game takes place in an animated 2.5D environment. Levels advance using a mathematical progression so that there are theoretically an unlimited number of levels for skilled players to progress through.

In testing we never saw anyone get past level 7.


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