I Am Legend

For the Blu-Ray release of Will Smith's "I Am Legend" the client wanted a big idea that conveyed the claustrophobic, against-all-odds tension of the movie. What I came up with was a visceral first-person shooter titled "Survive The Night". I was lead developer, art director, animator and, when we were out of options, I begrudgingly did the voice of the player when they got hit.

(Click any image to play the game yourself. Warning, this is an addictive experience.)

For this this project I created the game engine in Flash using AS3.

I also created the 3D animations, game-play mechanics, and design. I modeled, lit, surfaced, animated and rendered the custom 3D environment and characters.

I provided wire-frames and art direction to a UI designer for the non-game elements and I worked with a back-end developer to implement the leader boards. (The leader board server is no longer online, that element of the game will not work at this point.)

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