Futurama Movie: The Beast With A Billion Backs

After the site I designed for the first movie met with great success I was given the opportunity to create the site for the release of the second Futurama movie. As a fan of Futurama I wanted to go all out and make the site as unique and immersive as the series.

(Click here or on any image to visit this WORLD OF TOMORROW!)

What I came up with is a richly interactive site that brings the user into the world of Lela, Bender, Zoidberg, and Fry in a compelling way that encouraged exploration and engagement. As the Professor would say, “Good news everyone!”, the second site was also a huge success.

The site is achieved in Flash using custom 3D elements that I created in Lightwave 3D. The layout is liquid, it resizes itself to be full screen and idealy laid out no matter how big the users monitor is.

Each interaction from the user causes the world to come alive in ways that evoke the series and it’s characters. Several Easter-eggs and random animations kept users engaged for long periods.

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