Challenges Of The Elders

The "Challenges of the Elders" experience was created to promote the wildly popular Alchemyst series of books. The site consists of several mini-games wrapped in an immersive 3D environment and has a great deal of live action video.

The challenges were hosted by Michael Scott, the author of the series, who shot his introductions on green-screen specially for the project. I wrote the script for the project and directed the shoot with Scott.

The game was built in Flash using AS3. Code responsibilities were split between myself and a team of back-end developers.

I handled the design and in collaboration with another 3D artist, created the sets, props and characters.

The experience was a huge success, achieving average user engagement times of over 15 minutes. The addictive nature of the games and the competitive element introduced by leader-boards led to a large number of repeat visits.

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