Here you will find selected works from my portfolio. If you would like to know more about a specific piece please feel free to get in touch.

  • Beeer

    I was approached by Space Pixel to help develop a fun new mobile app for the logging and rating of beers. How could I say no? Beeer was conceived and designed by Space Pixel leaving me to handle the code for both iOS and Android. The app also features an online component that I worked with Jesse Barrueta and Mike Brannigan to create. Among the various stand out features are the "Wheel of Beeer" which allows the accurate recording of flavor profiles with a fun and clear interface, and the "Wall of Beeer" where the community's Beeers are collected and aggregated. Beeer is available now in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store in both ad-supported free flavor and $.99 full flavor.

  • Smartclip : Everywhere Spot

    While working as the Assoc. Creative Director at Adconion Media Group I served as post-production/FX director for this fun 60 second spot promoting Smartclip, one of our sub-brands. On set I managed the placement of tracking markers, timing, and I'm even the guy pushing the bus-driver into place. In post I handled all of the screen replacements, the 3D, the motion graphics, the camera tracking and stabilization, retiming, color grading, sound editing, voice actor casting, and I also wrote the script. This video will be translated/localized for 13 markets and is currently airing on French television.

  • Showtime + Smartclip Hype-reel

    To promote the new partnership between the Showtime cable channel and the Smartclip online video network I created this high-energy reel from raw episodes of the upcoming Showtime season of shows.

  • Glass Jar app

    Glass Jar is an app for iPhone that lets users see their financial futures using the familiar interface of a calendar; it was released to the App Store in early September, 2012. I developed the concept, wrote all of the code, designed the user interface/experience (UI/UX), and produced all other graphic collateral including the logo, icon, website, and the fully CG animated promotional spot.

  • movies.Joost.com

    movies.Joost.com was designed to feature movie trailers and other film related content in a bold way. For this design I worked with Dan Madden to accomplish the goal of setting content front and center while also seamlessly fitting various ad types into the design. These ads included OPA push-downs, standard 300x250 rich-media units and complete site skins.

  • The Hunger Games

    For the theatrical release of the hotly anticipated film The Hunger Games my team was tasked with creating a coordinated banner ad/site skin/OPA pushdown with rich media elements. The evocative imagery of the film was used to create an ad the literally burned up the page.

  • Gears Of War 3

    This rich media banner, created for the launch of Gears Of War 3, features very minimal, intricately designed user interface elements. This allowed the powerful imagery of the featured videos to carry the message without getting in the way. As part of this campaign I also created a Facebook tab page and Joost.com skin.

  • Nigel Lythgoe Productions Logo

    Nigel Lythgoe came to Joost Creative Services seeking a new logo and complete re-branding package. The core of this new look would be an entirely new logo. The execution of the logo was done by Sina Brückmann under my direction. The color pallet and shapes are meant to evoke Nigel's British heritage. Mr. Lyhtgoe is the producer of shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

  • 2010 Siggraph Appearance

    For my 2010 appearance at Siggraph I presented an original technique I developed for creating a faux-fluid simulation of an open-water whirlpool using NewTek's Lightwave 3D. The technique, covered only briefly in this 20 minute demonstration, is very directable, renders quickly, and requires no plug-ins or third party applications.

  • Joost Energy Shots

    As part of an outreach campaign at Joost Media we created a custom branded energy shot that we distributed to potential clients. The project included the creation of a custom label and several 3D renders.

  • The Walking Dead

    In anticipation of the season 2 premiere of AMC's hit show "The Walking Dead" I was tasked with creating an OPA banner, Joost.com site skin, and a matched rich media banner. The goal was to create something as visually compelling and frightening as the show itself.

  • Adconion Freshly Squeezed

    Freshly Squeezed is the quarterly newsletter of the Adconion Media Group. For years it had been little more than a PDF exported from a Microsoft Word document. Under my initiative the newsletter was redesigned and updated to better represent the company and its teams. It is now a magazine-quality publication that is hotly anticipated each quarter.

  • Red Lever Animated Logo

    Red Lever, a new branded entertainment studio, was looking to create an identity from scratch. They gave very little direction except that they wanted it to be high-end, and to have something to do with boxes. Many rounds of animation later the split boxes with personality hit the right note.

  • I Am Legend

    For the Blu-Ray release of Will Smith's "I Am Legend" the client wanted a big idea that conveyed the claustrophobic, against-all-odds tension of the movie. What I came up with was a visceral first-person shooter titled "Survive The Night". I was lead developer, art director, animator and, when we were out of options, I begrudgingly did the voice of the player when they got hit.

  • Futurama Movie: The Beast With A Billion Backs

    After the site I designed for the first movie met with great success I was given the opportunity to create the site for the release of the second Futurama movie. As a fan of Futurama I wanted to go all out and make the site as unique and immersive as the series.

  • Oliver’s Updraft Adventure

    For the 20th Anniversary release of "Oliver and Company" Disney wanted to created a fun game for younger kids. Based on a charming sequence in the movie I came up with and created "Oliver's Updraft Adventure", a game that is still popular on Disney's site today.

  • 2007 Siggraph Appearance

    For my 2007 appearance at Siggraph I demonstrated a technique for creating motion graphics-like glowing streamers in Lightwave 3D. This detailed tutorial goes from a new scene to a completed project in just 20 minutes.

  • Challenges Of The Elders

    The "Challenges of the Elders" experience was created to promote the wildly popular Alchemyst series of books. The site consists of several mini-games wrapped in an immersive 3D environment and has a great deal of live action video.

  • The Next Generation Trailer

    The Next Generation is a show that brings together all the best celebrity interviews from the team at Young Hollywood. I was tasked with bringing a high-rent, cohesive look to an existing edit. I took the existing key-art, a simple riff on the Hollywood sign, and blew it out with a richer color pallet, 2.5D camera moves and 3D lighting.

  • Lightwave 3D Asteroids Tutorial

    This tutorial covers the creation of an asteroid in Lightwave 3D using only native tools and the node editor. The results render quickly and are very easy to change for a wide variety of looks and applications.

  • Tone “Video Box” Rich Media Banner

    The banners that I designed for Tone featured several music videos wrapped in a product themed player. Users were able to explore the product and enjoy several of the (at the time) hottest music videos, which resulted in a very successful campaign.

  • Lightwave 3D Ghost Tutorial Series

    My four part tutorial on modeling, rigging and surfacing a cloth dynamics ghost in Lightwave 3D has been a hit every Halloween for the last five years. Although Lightwave has seen several full upgrade cycles come and go the techniques covered here are still 100% correct.

  • Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Templars

    I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the most expensive and elaborate Indiana Jones fan-film ever made. I contributed a wide variety of effects including swarming bats, a train, a variety airplanes, and even a swirling piece of paper. The guerrilla-style of the production made for some exciting times and I'm very proud of what I was able to contribute.

  • Firefly Banner Campaign

    To promote the release of the complete series of Firefly on DVD and Blu-ray I created an animated banner that featured the shows most iconic imagery set against it's core motto. Using various techniques I was able to put far more oomph into a standard 40k banner than would normally be possible.

  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    For the release of the fifth Harry Potter film to DVD and Blu-Ray I was tasked with creating a mock that would guide the production of the European promotional site. I lit on the idea of using potions as a navigation method. Users would mix potions into the cauldron to get from place to place. A large array of hidden pages and Easter eggs would encourage exploration and a sense of community as the rabid Potter fans traded their findings.

  • Family Guy Season 7 Banner

    For the DVD release of Family Guy Season 7 I created a series of banners that highlighted one of the more prominent episodes. Namely the infamous "Bird is the Word" episode. To get a striking banner in under the requisite 40k I hand animated an animation loop of Peter doing the Bird. For the Rich Media version I animated a total of six dance loops.

  • The Rocker – Be A Rocker Experience

    Fox Home Entertainment wanted to immerse the user in the world of being a rocker. To accomplish that goal I led a team in the development of the Be A Rocker experience. From an interactive green room users can view clips from the film, create a customized magazine cover, play the Drum Star game and more.