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Adobe announces CS6 upgrade policy. I am not pleased.

Adobe has some now price structures they’ve announced. A wide variety of subscription options have been added, which is nice I guess. If there are some months when you don’t use Creative Suite you can save some money by suspending your subscription. I rarely go an hour without using Creative Suite so a subsciption model doesn’t work for me. That’s OK, Adobe has left their current licensing in place. Mostly.

There is one little insidious change. Upgrades can only be done from the previous point version. So you can’t jump from CS4 to CS6 for example.

Why is this an insidious change? Well, what if CS6 doesn’t have any worth-while updates?For years I got away with skipping the odd-numbered upgrades to Adobe’s various products. There was only rarely enough features in any given point version to warrant to the investment. By waiting every other version I felt like my money was being well spent, I’d get two full versions worth of new tools. Now I can’t do that, I have to buy every version to stay inside the upgrade window. It’s good business for Adobe, but it isn’t any good for the end user. Adobe no longer has any market pressure to make each version a compelling upgrade. Users have to update, why blow it out? That’s why it’s insidious.

Thank fully for me it’s really a matter of principle and not a practical concern, I’ve had to stay current with Adobe for years now because I have to stay out front of the tools and trends. But if I were still a baby-artist, this would be a real bummer. Not cool Adobe. Not cool.

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