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Battlefield 3 Simulator Room is all sorts of awesome

The geeks over at The Gadget Show have done something awesome. Using a bunch of different technologies they’re created an incredibly immersive simulation room that runs Battlefield 3. No controller, haptic feedback (if you can call getting blasted with paint-balls “haptic feedback”), immersive screen, and more.

It’s a very cool piece of kit, I’d pay good money for some time inside, but I can’t help but feel they missed a few key opportunities.

For one thing, the player holds a weapon in his hands, so why is there another weapon on the screens? And since the screen is so large it’s like a giant three foot tall weapon is flying around in front of you.

My other gripe is how they handled turning. The weapon controls the point of view (POV). With games like ArmA 2 and a cool little doo-dad called a TrackIR (which I have, love, and cannot speak highly enough of) you can separate the POV from the aim of the weapon. That’s what they should have done here. Control the POV with a TrackIR and track the weapon separately.

These two little tweaks would have elevated this from super-immersive way to interface with a game to true simulation.

Still, if they charged $20 a round for access to this thing as is they’d do serious damage to my checking account.

[youtube video=”eg8Bh5iI2WY” width=”640″ height=”385″ /]

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