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The future of photography

We can do so many amazing things with photos these days. Photoshop can fix most pictures if they’re taken well, but what if they’re not? Well, we’re out of luck. However, there are emerging imaging techniques and technologies that are allowing a whole new level of amazing photography to emerge.

To start, HDRI is starting to be de regur. I’m sure hardware that shoots HDRI natively is just around the bend. In fact, in a limited way, the iPhone already does just that. This means we’ll be dealing with exposure after the fact as a matter of course. We’ll be able to shoot in any light level and get the image we had in our mind when we pushed the shutter release.

Now a company called Lytro is introducing a new type of camera that somehow captures images that can be focused after the fact. Let me reiterate that, you snap a pic, then you pick the focal point. It’s pretty killer. You can check it out over at their site. They have several images that you can refocus in real time.

Add to all of that the new technology demoed by Adobe at this years MAX Conference that let’s you take the blur introduced by a moving camera out of a shot and you have a future where you can snap a pic without any thought at all. Get the general direction right and you’re set. You’ll be able to set the focus and exposure in post and if you didn’t even bother to hold the camera still you can fix that too.

[youtube video=”xxjiQoTp864″ width=”640″ height=”385″ /]

These and other emerging technologies point toward a future of photography that is really amazing. I’m looking forward to it.

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