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Erin’s Voice wins 2011 UCLA Screenwriting Competition

Six months ago I entered my most recent screenplay into the prestigious UCLA Screenwriting Competition. I didn’t expect anything to come of it but a few months later I was thrilled to hear I had made the top ten.

Then, another few months later, I was elated to be told I’d made the top three. As a finalist I was given the¬†privilege of working with a professional screenwriter. The writer I was paired with was Steve Mazur who is probably best know for writing the Jim Carry film “Liar, Liar”. Steve offered a lot of great insight into the strengths and weakness of the draft that I entered. I hunkered down an hammered out a complete rewrite in just six weeks.

Well, it turns out the effort was worth it! I just learned that Erin’s Voice has won first place. This is a huge honor and I couldn’t be happier with the news. There are some great prizes that come with the win but none of them compare to the exposure I’m hoping to get. Stay tuned for updates!

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